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Ear Infection

Causing pain for children and adults alike, middle ear infections can lead to many problems. Seeking medical attention for your ear infection is the best solution to make sure that you receive adequate treatment and prevent complications. 

Cerumen Impaction (Ear Wax) 

 Ear wax is made by the body to protect the ears. It has both lubricating and antibacterial properties. Most of the time, the old ear wax is moved through the ear canal by motions from chewing and other jaw movements and as the skin of the ear canal grows from the inside out. 

Ear wax is impacted when it has built up in the ear canal. It can cause a feeling of being plugged or even cause muffled hearing. Ears might never need cleaning—they are designed to clean themselves. Ear wax buildup and blockage often happens when people use items like cotton swabs or bobby pins to try to clean their ears. This pushes the ear wax farther into the ears and can also cause injury to the ear.

Here at Cass Street E.N.T. we are able to relieve impacted cerumen using specialized tools and care. 
 Read more about what we can do in our office to relieve your symptoms.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be caused by a number of reasons and can make every day conversations problematic.

Sudden Hearing Loss

*It is important to seek immediate treatment for Sudden Hearing Loss as the sooner the symptoms are treated, the greater the chance of regaining what was lost.*

Hearing loss that can be noticed instantaneously or rapidly develops over a few hours or days is considered Sudden Hearing Loss. The severity of the hearing loss however varies from one patient to another, and only one ear is usually affected.

Swimmers Ear

Swimmer’s ear (otitis externa) is a condition that causes pain in the outer ear and ear canal. The ear canal protects the ear from foreign objects entering in the middle part of the ear, such as bugs, water, or other foreign objects. The ear canal is also responsible for protecting the ear from developing infections.

Surfers Ear/ Exostoses

Surfer’s ear is not the same swimmer’s ear, but many people confuse the two conditions. Surfer’s ear is the result of an abnormal bone growth in the ear canal. The abnormal bone growth is made up of several bony growths called exostoses. Eventually surfer’s ear can cause partial or a complete blockage of the ear canal.


Tinnitus is described as a constant or occasional ringing sound in the ears. 


Vertigo patients feel as if the room is spinning, or as if they have suddenly lost their balance. It can be very severe in some cases and cause nausea and/or vomiting.

Meniere's Disease

Meniere's disease is a disorder of the inner ear that causes episodes in which you feel as if you're spinning and have fluctuating hearing loss.  This can become a progressive, ultimately permanent loss of hearing, or ringing in the ear. In most cases, Meniere's disease affects only one ear.