Chronic sinusitis is an inflammatory condition of the sinuses that is diagnosed when symptoms are present for at least three months. Symptoms include nasal congestion, thickened nasal discharge, facial pain or pressure and loss of sense of smell. For many patients the treatment of chronic sinusitis, with or without nasal polyps, involves surgery. However, even with surgery, medical treatment is necessary to control the underlying inflammation and to help prevent recurrent symptoms and polyps. The primary treatment for inflammation is steroid medication, in the form of a topical nasal spray or rinse, or a pill taken by mouth. When taken by mouth steroids can have significant short and long term side effects. Patients that suffer from recurrent nasal polyps after sinus surgery now have another option for treatment. Sinuva is an absorbable sinus stent coated with a steroid medication that is slowly released to the sinus tissue. Sinuva can be placed into the ethmoid sinus cavities (those between the eyes) in the office using only a topical anesthetic. Typically left in place for up to three months, Sinuva can produce results similar to those of oral steroid pills, without the common systemic side effects. Relevant links: