Auditory Brainstem Response Testing

This procedure is performed at Munson Audiology's Main Clinic located at Munson Medical Center. Auditory Brainstem Response testing (ABR) is used to evaluate the function of the hearing nerve. To measure how sound travels along the hearing nerve, the audiologist places an electrode on the forehead, as well as on each earlobe. Small earphones are inserted into the ears and the patient will hear a clicking noise, which may change in terms of volume. During the test the patient must lie very quietly with eyes closed. The lights will be turned down and it is okay to sleep during the test. The test takes approximately one hour for adults and two hours for children. For infants and children, it is often necessary to deprive the child of sleep prior to testing. If you have other children that need supervision, please bring along another adult to supervise them during the test. Testing can usually not be performed on children who are awake. In some situations, testing is performed under sedation.