Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT)

The information we obtain from your test will allow us to tailor a desensitization program for you. This will usually consist of weekly injections of allergens that were positive during your testing. Over time the allergens are injected in larger amounts as the body learns to tolerate them. We prefer that you come to our office so we can follow your allergic care more accurately, until you reach a maintenance dose of the injections. At that time other options can be discussed. It is important to know that allergy problems are inherited. SCIT helps to control the bodies reaction to allergens, but does not “cure” allergies. Control of your symptoms may occasionally be affected by development of the common cold, sinus infections, or sudden changes in the weather. These interruptions should not discourage you as they should only be temporary and your symptoms should continue to improve with time as you continue the program.