Tonsillar/ Adenoid Hypertrophy

Tonsil and adenoid hypertrophy is a term used to describe chronically enlarged or swollen tonsils and the adenoids.  The condition can result in nasal obstruction, eustachian tube obstruction, snoring and sleep disorders. Tonsil and adenoid hypertrophy are medical conditions that occasionally occur in adults but most commonly affect children. The exact cause of tonsil hypertrophy is not always clear. Enlargement can be related to tonsillitis or infection of the tonsils and surrounding tissue as a result of the bacteria trapped by the tonsils. It is possible that irritants such as second hand smoke and air pollution can also cause the tonsils to become enlarged. Like tonsil hypertrophy, the cause of adenoid hypertrophy is not completely clear. Irritation from nasal secretions, allergies and sinus infections can cause inflammation of the adenoid tissue. This inflammation can lead to chronic adenoid hypertrophy.